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Great Falls Montana Skatepark

A.S.I. was hired for this design job when the parents of a local skater saw that the city had little intent of putting serious effort into the needs of their local young skaters. These parents found A.S.I. through an internet search and contacted Tim, who then called Helena's Parks and Recreation manager.

The features of Helena's skatepark include:

  •   Two different types of gaps with ledges
  •   A pyramid with a square tube rail
  •   One of the five benches has a curved edge
  •   One of the benches is sloping
  •   One of the banks has a step at the top
  •   One bank has a rail that is two feet high


Skate Park Features:

Helena Montana


Square Feet:
80% Street
20% Banks & Ledges
Ability Levels:

A Slideshow of Helena Montana's Skatepark by A.S.I.


Click arrows to view slide show.