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 "These are just parks we have been to or have good photos of!" is dedicated to everything connected with Skating. You find here contest reports, spot checks and other things having to do with Skating. This includes Skateboarding and Inline Skating.  Check out a local park or one of 390 locations from across the US and Canada.  This web site looks back at the skateboard magazines that have covered the sport, from as far back as the sixties. We've put this website together as a dedication to the publishers, skaters and cameramen that have enabled everyone to follow the sport of skateboarding from its infancy (when it was simply regarded as a craze) to the multi million pound sport that it is today.  Join the forum and find out where they are now.  A site about quad rollerskatin.

Rollerskating  This site provides information on Vertical Roller-Skating, plans about how to build a Vertical Roller-Skate, a historic article about rollerskate conversion for vertical purposes, and more. has THE LARGEST up-to-date collection of Skate Parks on the internet. 483 and counting! We have contacted and verified all of the US Skate Parks we have listed to provide you with accurate & current information.  This site serves as a resource for everyone involved in the process of getting a public skatepark built, and generally promoting skateboarding.

Roller Girl  The RollerGirl website is dedicated to roller skating, specifically aggressive or vert skating. This site is meant to be informative as well as to promote roller skating, the return of roller skates, roller skaters and RollerGirl's line of stylish quad skates.

Great Falls Montana  Not sure whether you're an oldboarder? Take the test.

Hardcore Shotcrete  Need some smooth concrete or shotcrete call 623-764-1624 or 1622.



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