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Montrose Skatepark

Here's what Tim Altic, designer of the Shaw Alam skatepark in Malaysia had to say about the design process:

"I knew that the local skaters in Malaysia were street skaters, and that Asia hosted the Extreme Games, so I combined street with X games fun boxes in order to provide a place for the skaters to learn and train. But knowing that skatepark design has developed bowl skating in the sport, I provided an authentic backyard swimming pool and a professional vert triple bowl with oververt pockets.

The layout of the skatepark allows the skater to push once and pump whatever speed they like throughout the entire park. Several of the street features are created as casual social gathering points positioned in a starting place for good lines throughout the park.

The skatepark is part of a larger extreme games park, and includes a mega BMX jump track and a huge cllimbing wall under a roof with three bouldering boulders around the climbing wall. All of these sport features surround a central flat area that is intended for competition venues and other activities, including freestyle bike and vendor area."


Skate Park Features:
(entire skatepark designed by Tim Altic)

Shaw Alam Park

Square Feet:
70% Flowing Street with fun boxes
30% Pool & Big Bowls
Ability Levels:

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