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Skatepark Planning

With over 25 years of experience to draw from, A.S.I. has refined the skate park planning process and can save you both time and money. Realizing the need for flexibility, A.S.I. offers a number of options to fit project management needs. Each option utilizes professional staff throughout the project as needed.

What A.S.I. Can Offer
  • A.S.I. can act as consultants where community governments must manage their project in a "lowest bid" format.
  • A.S.I. can engineer construction documents that can be bid on by equally informed bidders.
  • A.S.I. specializes in design/construction consultation, and can provide training to concrete crews that make the lowest bid. *Most contractors have no idea of what details need special attention. There are features in a park that need great attention and consideration. Finishers must be aware of specific qualities that are very important for the safety of the users and the endurance of the park.
  • A.S.I. can provide a crew of experienced skate park builders and do the job as a design/build contract.
  • A.S.I. can facilitate and organize the communication between all parties involved to provide a single vision.
  • A.S.I. can provide a preliminary plan, complete with assessment of needs, projection of cost, and an initial design.
  • A.S.I. can assist in location choice, engineering analysis, and construction scheduling.

A.S.I. can assist in location choice, engineering analysis and construction scheduling.

Options to Choose from for Prospective Skatepark Builders:

The first thing that a city parks and recreation planner thinks when faced with the prospect of a skatepark is: "How are we going to make this thing?"

Now you, the city representative, have about ten choices to make and you most likely do not know where to start. Even if you do know where to start, you are going to find out that your staff needs more information. On the web you find web pages like mine that tell you that you need to have a company that is skater-owned and hires skaters to build the park, or you are making a mistake.

This is generally true but you have to know more. Here is where you must address the issues of scheduling, location, budget, and type of skatepark. Then, under each of these headings there are variables that affect the overall project in respect to budget and even neighborhood opinion.

There is the process which a community is required to follow, starting with an RFP and opening the project to the public for bid. That is when you need to know more about the final product. You need a preliminary drawing but the plan is going to change, so it’s a waste, but you need an idea of what this park is going to be so you can calculate some of the quantities and work that will be encountered.

Most skatepark construction companies only work on a design/build type of agreement. I have found that is the most convenient way to bid, plan and execute the construction of a park. These companies will bid on a job that is not their design, but the price is going to be higher and since the government usually insists on taking the lowest bid, the quality of the finished product is compromised.

The only reason we are dissecting this subject is to address the options that I have seen other communities succeed with. The first option is to write a description of the project in a way that limits the number of contractors who can bid on the job. This limits some smaller companies that are otherwise eligible. To put more specific limitations such as prior experience requirements may limit the number of bidders and limit you choices.

You realize it is a work intensive process to find an architectural firm that can create a design that the kids will like (because if the skaters think the park sucks they will hang out on the street instead). You then have to choose an experienced construction company or the same scenario with the kids will occur.

Now you need to choose the location and you run a gauntlet of complications such as noise; transportation access for the skaters; availability of services-water, toilets, and phone; compatibility with other uses of the area; geography/topography; ground water and access to drainage; size; and impact of lighting.

Think you have it now? Try finding all these answers in the same place.

Alltec Skateparks is that source. I work with you in person, walking the site, giving you the information that you need to best choose the options that best fit the location. I also guarantee a popular design. My company is insured with $1,000,000.00 liability and is bondable. The company can provide plans and do the construction.

Or, if you have to follow the standard process, A.S.I. can work with the local professional services to consult them on all aspects of the project. If you choose to hire me as a consultant, our agreement will require my accepting all services and insuring that they meet national building specification standards.